Friday, 17 October 2008

Sorry people and YES i'm back

Sorry for the delay as i was busy developing my line and trying to get the right manufacturers amongst other things. Daily from now , i will be updating my blog for all the people who read out there. Thanks for bearing with me .


Saturday, 1 March 2008


Crazieessst thing i've seen for some time.
You're going to be either be 'woah' or 'wtf'
IT's a very innovative, out of the box idea. Who ever thought of this must have be really really troubled or talented lol
Too even construct something of this degree would take yonks.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


< These rock too
If Muhammed Ali was still boxing , i think he would rock these baby's.
PIERRE HARDY'S Look just Like the LANVINS.
I'm loving the yellow and white one's.
Get yourself a pair people, also check out the SUPRA NS, i think they only available in the US


The theater has a series of round arches, which house 600 five-watt dimmer-controlled light bulbs that provide a light for when you need to find the remote control. And as in the Music Hall, the lights are positioned to glow away from the viewers. Pentagram has designed the theater to function like a TV room, but can also easily accommodate up to ten people. All of the surfaces in the room are covered in orange felt to help with the acoustics, and seating on the floor has been taken care of by Edelman Leather who custom made the beanbags. This house, which also boasts a large private outdoor space looking onto the Atlantic Ocean, recently won an American Architecture Award for distinguished buildings and a Citation for Design in the AIA New York State Design Awards.

I love the colour and shape and basically the whole concept. Pentagram Architects have designed this home theater.

Noel Fielding - the mighty boosh

OK i think Noel Fielding is somewhat very fashionable. A comedian and maker and performer from the bbc 3 hit show Mighty Boosh (vince noir) , Noel is also a keen musician and admired by thousands of women.

Some follow him for his hair style, others for his vivid fashion sense. When asked in interviews he usually says he gets his clothes from topshop, however he accesorizes and carrys the clothes off very well.

People should also check out A shop in London called Beyond Retro is a GREAT place to go.. its all original vintage stuff, you can get some amazing (and not that expensive) stuff threre.

The thing about Noel is sometimes he looks outrageous but comic (part of his role) but his hair is envyed by many...and he is a goth/emo/alternative idol too many. People who don't like Russel Brand much, seem to like Noel, even though people find them very similar.

Just read this thread from people trying to copy their fashion sense
self explanitory, Noel rocks, random style, mad hair , unqiue, tottaly AWESOME

and read this

What do you think of him ?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Michael Jackson

Do you remember the 80's? If you were born, i presume most of you where born in mid 80's?
Well some say it was a highly important decade in the world of social revolution, with the eventual fall of Communism (Fidel Castro, has he stepped down ?)and the likes of Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher (one question, did the Queen really like her?Maggiieee:p) causing stirs on either side of the Atlantic.

Of course, we all know that the really important issues were the likes of getting hold of some tickets for the next Wham gig! The things that really stick in our minds are the fashion, the music and the movies! Movies like Top Gun and Flashdance were essential viewing; the hair styles were big, as were the shoulder pads, and the clothes were as loud and brash as Depeche Mode were cool!One such element of the 80's was Michael Jackson with his startling dance moves and leading fashion sense. I just wanted to know people's views on Jacko and also the 80's. I don't know how much people think he is a peadophile, i just want to know you views on the guy, becuase many use to look up to Jacko. A role model to many back in the day, but now shattered image due to stupid accusations/truth hmmmm

Friday, 15 February 2008


This question arises alot, is being fashionable mean you're gay ? :S
I've heard on numerous occasions, the word gay being used when seeing someone dressed differently or smarter.

Does that make some one gay?
Ok some people in the fashion industry maybe gay or very feminine, but too dress different and dress smartly does not make some one 'gay'

It's either jelousy, ignorant people or just plain stupidness.

Give me your uptake on this . Thanks