Friday, 15 February 2008


This question arises alot, is being fashionable mean you're gay ? :S
I've heard on numerous occasions, the word gay being used when seeing someone dressed differently or smarter.

Does that make some one gay?
Ok some people in the fashion industry maybe gay or very feminine, but too dress different and dress smartly does not make some one 'gay'

It's either jelousy, ignorant people or just plain stupidness.

Give me your uptake on this . Thanks


Knikki said...

People who say that men who dress well are gay are the ones who do not have any fashion sense and wish they did. Bottom line.

Adele said...

i dont think its jelousy or ignorance... its just the majority of fashionable guys are actually gay.
So when people see a straight guys and hes dressed all fashionable they think hes dressed like a gay guy. if that makes sence. One of my best friends is really fashionable and not gay at all but yet people shout at him in the street and stuff just because hes wearing skinny jeans its quite annoying and i no exactly what you mean. but its just stereotypes again. I dont no if you from the UK but theres a show here called Skins about teenagers and one of thems gay and funnyly enough hes very fashionable and trendy so uno :)
soz bout long comment

A Designer's Craving said...

I agree>>>>>>its the whole metro-sexual thing...i thing if ur into fashion and like to dress clean its up to is about expression and anyone is free to xpress how they feel! dont let anyone ever tell it differently!