Sunday, 30 December 2007

Leather Jackets- This Year

They have became increasingly popular this year.
It's also jackets and blazers... in short, it's leather madness, and it has arrived at a store near you!
Of all things that you can own in leather, a jacket is the most versatile and classic (the leather you wear in the bedroom is none of my business :P). Leather jackets may be extremely stylish and popular this year, but the truth is they are never out of style.

You can find leather jackets in various shapes and sizes. Different lengths such as trench coat, knee, three quarter, and hip all dominate. Even square-shaped, leather bomber jackets have made their return.The length you choose depends on your body type, your height, your style, and of course, your taste. Whatever the case, they are all equally stylish and you can wear either until the cows come home (pardon the pun).Popular colors for leather jackets are the traditional black and brown, both available in fashionable vintage leather -- which is actually very popular.

I also have one which was quite cheap and it looks good, in picture below . You can pretty much pick them up anywhere even at Primark.

50 Posts!

50 posts !

Wohoo in a month, i didn't think i would reach it but i did. Thanks to all the people who read myblog and comment, love you all!

I rock? lol

Tips for Shoes

After suffering from blisters and what not, i have decided to help you not make the mistake i did, i wasted $90 on a pair of shoes that are a size to small and i can't exchange them, any advice? hehe

Tips for getting the perfect shoes! :)

This post is for both males and females

" When shopping for new shoes:
Do it later in the day when your feet have expanded.
Bring the same socks you'd have on when you're doing your activity.
Take your old shoes to the store.
Women with wider feet should consider men's shoes.
Have your feet measured: the length, width and arch because your feet change as you get older.
Consider buying two pairs to use them on alternating days.

What to look out for:

Toe Box: The toe section should be wide enough to wiggle your toes and long enough to have a thumbnail-size space from the longest toe to the end of the shoe.

Mid-sole: Known as the "heart" of the shoe where the cushioning and stabilizing exists. Look for firm arches, rubber posts or implants in the mid-sole if you need them. The foot bed is the liner that you can remove from the inner shoe. This can be exchanged for off-the-shelf arch supports and orthotics.

Bottom sole: Should be made of carbon rubber and have a grade or slope from heel to toe. Look for a two-part split heel structure for a smoother heel-to-toe transition. Should have sufficient traction. Grooves in the front allow the forefoot to flex naturally.

The "last": Refers to the foam around which the shoe is made. There are two dominant types — the straight and the curved last. If your foot tends roll to the inside, a curved shoe is what you need.

Achilles notch: A V-shaped notch at the top-back prevents the Achilles tendon from being chafed.

Heel counter: The cup should keep the foot stable.

Uppers: should be nylon mesh so the foot is ventilated. The shoe tongue should provide ample cushioning to protect from the pressure of the shoe laces.

Stitching: Check the feel of the shoe, look for bumps. Examine the stitching, glue and eyelets."

Question and a Tip

Ok so here i am, walking through town and i see these pair of shoes that i love. I was going to ask the guy where he got them from, but he went in a car.

Does anyone know where you can get
LANVIN's in the UK ....far as i know they only available in Europe and i need a bigger size as my old Lanvins which i bought on a trip to America have gone too small :(

These tips well help some males and mostyl females

White Hot! - even black kinda

Outfits that concentrate on white are the opposite of the Gothic look and emphasize themes such as purity and innocence.Leather jackets, shoes, belts and bags will be in white this season and will remain popular until next season.

Hair Now

Blonde Ambition: Once the weather starts to warm up, brunettes will turn blonde. Hues of caramel, honey and wheat blonde make their way back into hairdressers and colourists salons.

Fringe It! Blunt thick fringes make a return and are very reminiscent of the 1960's.For long hair, heaver blunt fringes look best, and for short hair - a fringe cropped high on the crown gives a modern twist to a simple hairstyle.

Braided Maiden: As seen on stars including Kylie, Britney Spears and many more. Plaits have adorned superstars and models in Europe and the United States in recent times. Most popular on the runway is braided side tendrils of hair, which is slicked back, using a glossy sheen product.

70's Hair Flair: Tousled hair and loose curls inspired by the stars of the 70's will be a big hit again in coming months, in several different styles from Farah Fawcett to Michael Jackson inspired locks.

Google Adsense

Can anyone tell me more about Google Adsense?
Is it worth it?

Leave me a comment thanks :)

New Year Resolutions

Ok here goes..................i intend to

1) Get a better job - yes yes in retail

2) Promote Envisage - i'll need all YOUR help

3) Start a Business - my own line, still in need of help!

4) Give me self more 'me' time- no stress if i can help it

5) Apply myself more - this is a bigone, get my head down more instead of partying

These are the 5 main ones, in the Summer we'll see how well im doing and then asses in December 08.

Wish me Luck!

Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries suck! Well it depends on how you treat them.

One of the ways you maintain it's life is by letting the battery die down and then recharging it to full.

Well if you're like me and use the Laptop alot, and if battery goes down every 1/2 hour you think well i'm only at home, why don't i just keep the charger in so it doesn't die down, well as i have learnt it tottaly kills your charger, now when i remove charger the laptop only runs for 13 mins without charger. So now i have to buy another one but luckily i have guarantee on it so i can just order it. I just wanted to warn those who did not know, that treat your laptop battery right,there are many websites on the Tinternet on how to maintain good battery life.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Designer Feature - Kesh

Evisage's first ever designer feature is on some one who's an inspiration to me.

Totally love her and all her work. The one and only Kesh!
She's a Dj but that a'int all , In addition to DJ'ing as one half of a group the Coconut Twins, the 21-year-old London fashionista styles and designs her own line of cool graphic clothing.

"Nearly everything you see me wearing costs less than a large pizza."

Impressive! :) I lovethe design's and it just shows that you don't need the big brands to look good or you don't need to pay a fortune to look good, when there's people like Kesh producing great clothes.

That just ain't all, in so short time she has done so much, even celebrities are wearing Kesh wear, such as Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco to name a few.

Check out her myspace.
She also has a blog, which is always a good read . She sells her products online at, but seems all her T's are sold out! :(
Not Fair! But hopefully they'll be more ....please

Friday, 28 December 2007


Women/Men both straight their hair, but if you don't do it properly you'll cause serious damage.
A friend of mine has started having hair loss due to it.
So i thought i would make a post to help you straighten your hair correctly.

1) Use a mild shampoo and strong conditioner so that the hair is well protected
Regular deep conditioning of the hair can give it a healthier bounce and shine

2) add a bit of shine - Add a drop of silicone serum and watch the tresses bounce.

3) If you are using a straightening iron to straighten your hair, use it with care, and use it sparingly. It can be very damaging if used often

4) Blow-drying Hair Straight - Always use a protective product when styling your hair straight. Good tools are essential - use a blow-dryer with a strong air flow, not just a very hot one. If blow-drying hair straight regularly, use a treatment, weekly, to prevent your hair from drying out and frazzled ends.

5) Having your hair colored and using a straightener could result in damage to your hair.


Wash with a regular shampoo that will remove buildup or at least prevent it.
Use a good conditioner that won't weigh hair down but still will condition it.
Once out of the shower, wring hair out until it doesn't drip anymore, then dry as much as possible with a towel.
Apply a little bit of straightening gel before blow drying and in between towel drying.
Blow dry by taking sections at a time and with a flat brush- it takes a while to master exactly how to straighten accurately but it's worth it.
Use a little bit of gel or cream or something to keep it straight and non-frizzy.
It should last for about 2 days, depending on temperatures.

When i do mine i use one serum for heat protection, then blow dry my hair, then use a ceramic iron to straighten

I came across the Serum i use (No kinks Straightnener) on offer in Superdrug £3.99 but buy one get one free so i thought why not?

Everybody has a different method, but they are very similar

"Wash and shampoo your hair making sure to use conditioner (essential I believe as it protects the hair). Gently squeeze the excess water out and wait half an hour for some of the water to evaporate - don't towel dry as you will only get knots. After half an hour, your hair should be wet but not dripping. Comb your hair and select a section of hair for straightening, securing the rest to your hear with a hair grip. Apply some hair serum ( I use Frizz Ease by John Frieda) to the segment you intend to straighten. Comb the serum through and then grip the hair in the tongs and work slowly and methodically from roots to the ends. It will need several tongings to get straight. Secure that section and start on the next using the same method (always apply hair serum first before tonging). Et voila, a head of sleek hair."

Do not go for the cheap straightners, invest in a good one , such as a GHD. As they will do less damage then cheap one's.

Happy Xmas :)

Guess who got a N95 for Christmas ......yes you're one and only.

Story was meant for my brother but the presents got swaped some how and i ended up with it and he got one of them new iPods. Eventhough i'm a big fan of the ipod, i loved the N95.

My brother on the other hand was left fuming :p

The phone is brilliant, yes there are negatives but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives! Battery life can be extended if you know what you're doing & stop programs running in the background. I recommend this phone to anyone who is competent with computers & gadgets.

Excellent menus-
Good design.-
Very loud speakers.-
It just does everything & more.-
Free car charger & excellent headset with MP3 controls.

All in all I would award this phone 9.5 out of 10. If you store all of your things on the SD card it doesn't slow the phone down & won't crash. Mine hasn't crashed once!

I love my aunt!!! thanks lol
whereas my brother is not a big ipod fan and has given his to me, so two presents hehe!!!
I'm in present's heaven

Wearing what and when...

Some people don't know what to where and when to wear it.
I attended a professional conference and most of the people were in suits and then there's this loon in a pair of nike air's and tracksuit bottom. Why???!!?!?!

Fashion also helps you socialise and believe my words, no one was socialising with him.
What don't people get, eventhough you may not be the stylish of people but cumon to a formal do you wear a suit not trackies. :-o

Moving on, me and some friends went on a night out...we're all dressed smartly and my mate ehm mentioning no names came in the most colour contrasting colours and trainers with tight jeans that were obv too short for him that they came to his ankles.

THINK! to yourself, where am i going? what will other be wearing? Ask for a second opinion, don't show other up, cumoon get your act together lol

Thursday, 27 December 2007

At Work....

I was reading Knikki's Blog, and thought i should also comment on this problem.
At work you feel your collegues may spend the whole day bitching and gossiping about other people which can make life at work very stressful and uncomfortable.

I learnt that some of these so called adults were still acting like they were at high school.
The males in the office were always at each others throats, throwing insults which I have to add were mainly in jest, and basically acting like they were fourteen years of age.

The women though were so annoying it was untrue. Of course it was not all of the women but just a handful of them. This however was enough to make it an uncomfortable place to work. These women were always ready to spread gossip about other people and were so two faced it was unbelievable. They would all get together and bitch about another collegue and then with the same collegue they bitched about bitch about another collegue. It was unbelievable!

After this I went to work with the sole intention of doing my job, I do not need these type of people in my life.
If you work with people like I have described above, I feel sorry for you. Try hard to not let them ruin your day at work as if they do, then they will have won.

Try to stay super positive. Compliment everyone in one on one settings so they feel less threatened. Or give the compliment in front of another person, for modeling effect. Susie your hair looks really nice today. Tammy, doesn't Susie hair look nice today?Then hone in on someone that you think is the most negative and have a heart to heart about how you've noticed that there's a lot of petty back biting and you would like to see things change because everyone is so great in their special ways.

One of the best things to do is tell the person in charge about it, lodge a complaint.
Here are some tips:

+Have a heart to heart with your manager. Handle this in firm, unemotional manner with him so that he understands that you have given this serious thought and are not being just "emotional."

Having dates and times so that your manager can see that this is not an occasional occurrence but something that occurs daily will have more impact. Be as specific as you can, but, don't be petty. Report facts. Mention who else in the company or outside of the company are exposed to them. Do your outside-the-company contacts or managers from other departments you speak with on the phone hear their twittering? Explain how their actions are directly effecting your productivity.

+Be Firm

+ Just quit, not worth working somewhere you don't like

There are some sad people around and I think the best policy is to rise above it and just get on with your work. That's what I do and have a chuckle to myself about how eaten up with jealousy they are.I know this happens a lot in the workplace and have now just come to accept it as part of working life.

Sometimes you have to think what you value most, your health or your job! If it is killing you to go to work everyday, obviously you are not happy. Change is not always easy but it's always for the best.
Outside of work, surround yourself with positive people for the positive energy you need. You can't pick the people at work, but you can pick the ones outside of it. Good luck to you all who have faced this kind of problem and a heads up to those who have not faced it yet.


Billionaire Boys Club

Some people are fan's of their clothing and others hate it. People i introduce to you...Billionaire Boy's Club, ran by no other than music singer/producer Pharrell Williams.
I myself think some of the clothing is aight but loathe the other stuff. It just depends what kind of person you are to like it or hate it.

When the clothing first was released, prices were very high but have then gradually became lower with alot of people selling fakes. One of the items i love by BBC (billionaire boys club) is the hoody/baseball jacket and the pharrel shirt. The dollar foil t-shirt is also good, however i am not a fan of the hoodys which have the diamond symbol printed all over them. (hate it , picture of it below)

I can honestly say i've been partially wooed by the Billioanire Boys Club thing, Pharrel i think the true definition of "Being different and Being yourself" but it is not for all. It's only for people who like street, hip hop maybe something different. So it doesn't matter whether you love it or hate it , some of the things they produce are aight, like the belt which was featured in i think Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs collection.

So whoever say's i hate BBC, i wouldn't argue with them as it is not everyones cup of tea.

My Sale Items!

Waking up at 5 am was worth it as i managed to get some wicked bargain items.
Above are some of the items i managed to grab at the sales after some competitive fighting over them and suprisingly they all fitted me and were at a cheap price. All the above items came to £150, im pretty chuffed with my self :) Not many shops this year had alot of bargains as last year, probably because the sales began a bit earlier this year. I was looking to get some new leather sofas but i couldn't find something that interested me, so i'll be keeping an eye out for some and will post any update.

What do you think of the clothes? Let me know

Best Blog of the Day

Check it out, has won the Best Blog of the Day award.

Thanks to the guy's at blogofthedayawards and for everyone who read my blog.I hope to make my blog even better and I'll keep it rocking!

Blog Awards Winner

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I got some great presents which i'll update you lot with later due to lack of time on my hands. Well as you may know, i have been trying to save money and have sold some of my old clothes on ebay. By doing so, i have raised some money and what better time to spend it then at tommorow's boxing day sales.

I can't wait to get rummaging through the sale items and finding some great items. I'll have to go prepared as sales are pretty dangerous things. Like last year, whilst i was at the sales, i got elbowed by a women trying to get to the door first lol.

BTW Knikki i read your comment on boykewls blog about the commas etc, be sure to comment on if I've used them correctly lol

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all the support you have given my blog. Keep reading and keep commenting, love you all and i hope you have a smashing year.

I can't wait to post what i get for Christmas, and i'll also be posting my new year resolutions so keep tuned. I want to give a special shout out to all the blogs who i have linked. A shout out to the people who comment, like johnT, shackowacko, boykewl, knikki, candid, jell-o(sorry if i've spelt it wrong) susie, tam, miss elle, jenn, les and Jen. I'm really sorry if i've missed anyone!

Also a big thank you to all the people who read my blog, and i know there's alot of you :) Thanx

So from Envisage a very Happy Christmas! :) :)

If you need any styling advice/tips or feel i need to discuss a top, email me on or best to post a comment on the latest post i do and i'll be more than happy to help

Btw what's people's opinion on the Kanye shades?

Shrink / Enlarge

I had an email from a reader from this blog concerning a shirt he bought and after putting it in the wash it had shrunk. He wanted to know how to bring it back to it's orignal state.

First of all, if people wanting to shrink a shirt to make it smaller, they should check to see if they're preshrunk, it should say so on the tags. If they are then shrinking them is near impossible as they have already gone through a shrinking process at the factory. To shrink a shirt, you should wash it with hot water and then heat it with high heat.

That's just an idea, i've never tried it though.

BUT to make a shirt return to it's orignal state after being shrunk, oooo, i'll have to think about that one.
OK....i've thought about it

I've heard if you soak in cold water and liquid fabric softner that the fabric will relax. But if that does not make much difference then in the future use cold water wash and hanging air dry to ensure minimum shrinkage. Look at the tags when buying for future protection in this area.

But No..i think unfortunately it won't be exactly the same as they were when you bought them. A t-shirt will shrink if its 100%cotton. Make sure to buy shirts that are pre-shrunk or of a cotton blend with other material. If you buy a 100%cotton shirt, wash is as usual but DO NOT dry it. Only air dry so it will keep its shape. Any other are safe to dry and will not shrink.

However my readers may know much better from experiences, so please leave comments and help the poor guy out who emailed me.

Saving money

I've decided to save money after my spending spree (which I'll post all details of in my next post)
So I've decided to cut back on many things which i may not necessarily need such as the boxers with funky patterns. After rummaging through piles and piles of clothes that i did not need, i thought to my self i could really help some one less fortunate with these, so i have given some to charity and others i am going to put on eBay. After a free evening with scissors at my disposal i started experimenting so i can give a new life to my clothes and see what i can turn them into.

I might post my attempts :P if you're lucky, keeping in mind that i am just a beginner and have never done it before.

PS: My apple macs really pissing me off as it won't let me open up my pictures, so unfortunatley you will have to wait for tommorow !

Yesterday's Girl Today :S

I was going to cover a guy today BUT..............

The girl i covered yesterday, i came across her again and i felt i had to cover her again today. For you girls who read my blog, i decided to post this especially for you.

I really like her hat, the articulate design on it is wonderful. I love it, even on a bad hair day you could bop it on and it would be okay.

What do you think about it?

The picture on the right is an old picture of her , she really looks stunning and i like her dress.
In each picture as you can see , she seems to be a great poser! But hey, the camera loves her!!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

I <3 This Outfit

Busy with work, i decided to take a break and came across this picture. I had to comment on this picture. This girl is rockng this outfit, i'm lurrrrvvvin it. I like her posture,her jumper, her shoes, her hat, let's just say everything from head to toe!

Inspiration like this comes when it's not much expected, and when it does come, it doesn't substitue on quality. So you may be thinking what's he raving about/ let me seeeeeee!
Well don't worry i've posted it below and feel free to comment on what you think about the picture.

It's very individual and a great example of self expression as i mentioned in my last post.
A tip for something of this type for this season is instead of the green she has on try metallic colours. That would really help to make it even moreeeee 'rocking' .

A cool fitted cap with black mickey mouse ear like sides. Yellow shirt paired with a green jumped. A high waisted skirt with a very nice design. The shoes which cannot be seen clearly are gold flats. The only downside or maybe you could say very loud thing about her is her pink leg warmers, if these were in green they would look perfect. What the hey, nobody's perfect!
But don't you think she looks like Cassie a bit?



are these types you could categorise as fashion types?
I believe everyone has their own sense even in this current under pressure world you should not worry too much about dressing to impress but dress in what you feel comfortable in and build around that by following fashion tips and falls. In this way you will create a own unique look. Dressing good gives you a good feeling about your self and can change a whole day around but that doesn't mean it is obligatory. Sometimes dress down,(it's a good thing).
Some may argue that it's what's in the heart that matters the most. I totally agree however i believe dressing good can raise self confidence and esteem.

Fashion not only helps self confidene but also helps you make friends with people who have the same taste. For some fashion is a cry to be unique and for others it's a way to express them selves and their personality. That is one of the reasons i oppose school uniforms, they inhibit some people expressing their personality.

You should not judge people who dress differently, sometimes in society when one black sheep is in the herd of white sheeps, they pick on the black sheep just because it is different however you might laugh at him because he's different but he's laughing at you because you're all the same.
When you see a person who's dressed differently, don't be quick to judge, people have different fashion senses and own perspectives.

In conclusion, dressing different is good, and don't be afraid to express your self. Futhermore do not judge those who dress differently and learn to adapt your own styles on the current falls and trends to indiviualise it.


ps: Sorry , i have done this in a rush so excuse any spellying mistakes and typos

I like....

I decided to do a list of the thing's i like as i don't have much time to blog today. Very busy with work unfortunately. Here it is....

I like....
+ Skinny jeans
+ High Tops
+ Gio Goi
+ Knikki's Blog
+ Miss Whoever you are's blog
+ Candid Cool's Blog
+ Clothes Horse's blog
+ Designer Toys
+ Ben & Jerrys icecream
+ Starbucks
+ Silver
+ Money!! muahahaaha
+ Girls
+ Roundtree fruit pastels
+ Youtube
+ Google
+ Retro
+ Gaming

and much much moreeeeee!!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

IM/MSN/Yahoo Messenger

I'm going to be posting some IM Messenger Envisage avatar on later, support the site and help promote it by using an Envisage avatar. If someone decides to make their own please upload and post a link via the comments page.


PS: I'll be posting some too

Shaving Tips

A good shave will keep you looking your best! A poor shave will not only make you look untidy; it will also make your skin feel harsh

Before Shaving.....
1) Before you shave, exfoliate! Use a facial cleanser or scrub to eradicate dead skin cells. This helps avoid ingrown hair. It also opens the pores of the skin in preparation for the shave.
2)Wet your stubble with warm/hot water before shaving. This opens the pores and swells the hair shaft allowing the blade to cut the hair easier. Just after you have had a shower is the perfect time to shave.
3)Thoroughly massage shave cream into stubble before you start your shave - this helps soften the stubble. Choose a vitamin E or aloe vera based shaving product that will help protect against razor rashes and burns.
4)Use sharp blades. Dull blades are responsible for most shaving cuts. Men end up dragging the razor over their face and catch skin with the rest of the beard. Keep razor blades sharp to avoid this...change blades after every two or three shaves.

During shaving.....
1)Keep rinsing your razor blade in hot water whilst shaving. Rinse after each stroke.
2)Shave with the grain (in the direction the hair grows) on your face! This is a key piece of shaving advice. Shaving against the grain of hair growth can cause redness, rashes, razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs.
3)Use slow, short strokes during your shave. To get best results you should take your time as you shave.

After Shaving....
When you’ve finished your shave, apply an oil-free moisturiser to soothe and protect your face. If you’re using an after-shave, check the label for alcohol. Alcohol based aftershave will sting and make your skin dry.

Cool Buildings

The small city of Helsingborg in the southern parts of Sweden is going thru a rewamp as a city
HSB Live are proposing and building the buildings with the highest design value in the city and here are some of their project idéas

MoMa is proposing a new 70 story project and it's designed by Jean Nouvel.
The tower is going to become an icon if it gets built. The style is bold, organic but still very futuristic. Let's hope it goes through as it will New York a nice landmark.

Other cool buildings:

I <3 H&M

H&M are pioneers when it comes to cheap clothes. Cheap stylish and actually good quality clothes. I just bought a dinner jacket today that had the perfect fit. Cost me around 30usd/15gbp Just buy it, I mean it's no money at all and you will look good in it too. I'm thinking grey thight jeans, a black longsleeved t-shirt from Cavalli and the high glossed dinner jacket. I love H&M.

Celebrity Watch

I decided to do a celebrity watch on which celebrity's looking good and who's not!

The first celebrity i have decided to feature is music heart throb Justin Timberlake. Justin has come along way from N'Sync days, when he was very misguided in his fashion sense, but then after a big reformation he became JUSTIFIED. Yes, The young hot and trendy star you see today has not always been as trendy. Hard to believe but as you can see pictures play proof to this. So the first Envisage Celebrity Watch is Justin Timberlake, he has turned round his fashion sense and become a idol to many youngsters who follow his fashion sense.

AND THEN.......

Cheap vs Quality

Don't always substitue quality clothes for cheap clothes.
In the festive season, sometimes even Scrooge needs to dig deep.
You can get cheap shoes but they may not last as long as more expensive shoes, and if they last longer this means you won't have to buy new ones. So think of it as an investment.

Futhermore, the shoes should therefore have less manufacturing mistakes, have a better overall finish and should last longer. The little details added in the finish create an extra element of style. They will also increase the durability of the shoe. Another factor is that Wearing exclusive shoes will definitely help polish a man's image. This image can make a big difference between a normal man and a man with expensive shoes in the first stages of dating.

If you shop anywhere, odds are high that the cheapest pieces are cheap materials -- I've only found this not to be true very, very rarely. If you buy shoes in a cut-rate store (e.g. Payless), you're going to be buying shoes much more often. Without exception, every time I've spent money to buy good quality shoes (e.g. leather, non-plastic soles, good fit), they invariably last longer than bargain shoes I've found.

Some people budget too low for something you want/need, and then you buy the cheaper item, which then doesn't last long and needs to be replaced sooner.
But don't go out and buy all expensive clothes, for example do you need expensive workout clothes? Those t-shirts probably aren't going to last terribly long before they get stretched or sweat-stained, so buying expensive or trendy t-shirts isn't the best idea. It's generally always a good idea to buy quality shoes, and this is one thing I try not to scrimp on. Cheap shoes often have a terrible fit and terrible materials.

So be aware at all times, try going for both moderate price and quality, as they will last you longer and save you more money in the long run.


Update: Fashion Line

The latest on the idea of a small fashion line is still being discussed, i have contacted some young desingers and some manufacturers but can't seem to find some good manufactures so if anybody knows of any young designers or manufacturers let me know please. Leave a comment

The lines imagery has been sorted but the financing needs to get more stable.
The name of the line, i think envisage would be good, however if anybody has any good suggestions feel free to leave a comment as im open to ideas.



Louis V

"More Louis V my mama couldn't get through to me" (Kanye West)

Yes, yes . We all know that Louis Vuitton is a really good brand, i myself own various Louis Vuitton items but when i came across this i thought i would share it with my people.

Ok, hold back to be amazed at Louis Vuittons new car line :p

Paris en Passant::photography, Gutschera & Osthoff, source, Streetwear Today

I am completely taken away by this , it looks really good and very innovative. The pictures speak for them self. Have a look (All images courtesy of )

Friday, 21 December 2007

Stylish Stockings

Just of intrest are these stylish stocking created by the top fashion houses. The one-of-a-kind creations were commissioned by the paper and were put up for auction, with proceeds to benefit Citymeals-on-Wheels. They were on auction on

Basics for Men

Buy quality and take good care of your clothes.
Be trendy, but not a trend-worshiper.
Find out what’s in style so you’re not wearing a fad that’s over (like cargo pants, which are so out).
Buy the classics: jJeans, khaki pants, Tshirts, sweatshirts, sweaters.
Update your wardrobe with accessories

Also it's not easy for a teen male/guy to know what’s in or out. So i suggest that you watch how other guys put things together.
Research magazines, TV, movies, rock groups, walk through department stores these are good sources BUT remember just because a new fashion trend is in a store or on a boy band doesn’t make it right.

A few years ago i came across this simple guide (below) to help which choosing clothes and looking good, hope it helps

You can compliment or contrast. Here’s the lowdown:
Complimentary colors are closer together in shades. Produces a more subtle look: Blue and green, khaki and gray, orange and red.
Contrasting colors play off of each other. A bolder look: Black and white, navy and khaki, denim and red.

Choose either complimentary or contrasting colors (to avoid a just-rolled-outta-bed-and-threw-something-on look). Try these:
Tee + polo
Tee + oxford
Tee + sweater
Tee + polo + sweater
Tee + polo + oxford
Tee + tee.

Your shoes and belt should be the same color. Black with black, brown with brown.
A rugged necklace made of leather, shells, or big beads can really pull an outfit together.
Use hats in small doses. Baseball caps can be totally out of place worn with jeans and a nice top. A newsboy cap can be pulled off by only the trendiest guys. If you insist on sporting a topper, try a stretchy knit cap (best for fall/winter) or a sporty visor (best for outdoors).
Buy cool shades.

Experiment with styles. Urban; Prep; Sophisticated; Artsy; Retro; Mod; Punk; Surfer. Try to mix different looks.

Avoid the head-to-toe baggy look -- it’s just not flattering. T-shirts that reach to your knees will make your legs look two inches long (plus those extremely wide-leg jeans won’t help!).
Skip the athletic socks with non-athletic shoes. Doesn’t work with loafers, oxfords, leather boots, and most importantly, Doc Marten-style leather sandals. Ever.
Pass on head-to-toe logos. Mixing labels = good. Mixing over-the-top logos = tacky. When it comes to designer sigs, less is always more. "


Too look good everyday is hard for both males and females, im going to present with you some tips which may help you do so.

1) Accesories - enhance the overall look and add interest to the clothes.
2) Choose two to three foundation colors to base your entire wardrobe on. Always stick with these colors (and only budge for coordinating colors!). Choose colors that work for you.
3) Only buy things that have a perfect fit,
4) planning ahead and keeping track of your daily ensembles. This works great during school-months or for planning vacations.
5) Take Care of Your Clothes
6) Know your clothes -Colors it looks best paired with
7) Keep your clothes organized first by category (shirts, pants, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc), then by colors. You can even get really fancy and "colorize" the closet like retail merchandisers do: put them together by colors, light to dark.
8) What style of clothing it looks best paired with (long, short, fitted, loose).
9) The right accessories and shoes with it. This knowledge will help you know what your wardrobe is lacking and what your most-valued pieces are. It will help keep your wardrobe organized. Keep the information on record and in order with pictures, sketches, lists, or a database.
10) Get value for money

Sega Mega Drive Portable

Along with fashion, gaming is also one of my intrests. Cool TRENDY looking electronics, whatever it may be, if it look good or is retro then im intrested!

Can you remember back in the day when there was the SEGA MEGA DRIVE?
Yes seems a long time because now it's all about Sony's Playstation.

TecToy - a company local to that particular country (BRAZIL) - has done a deal with Sega to produce a portable Sega Megadrive, which should be on sale from December 5th. For a price that's equivalent to £50, you can pick up the machine above pre-loaded with 20 Sega classics, including the likes of Ecco, Sonic & Knuckles, Alex Kidd and Golden Axe.

But there are downsides. For one they are only available in Brazil at present and there's no way of adding more games, so you're stuck with the 20. And it is powered by 3x AAA batteries - which are unlikely to last long, so budget for that too. If that's no drawback, these are likely to flood into the UK as imports in early 2008.

Relive them golden memories or just check it out. For more information
Click Here

Ipod Fanatic

You may or may not know about my iPod obsession. I like nearly everything iPod.
Where ever i go my iPod is by my side. I even thought about naming it :P i know wierd!
But the iPod trends magic has wooed me away.

iPod seems to be the trend in the portable music market, No other portable player comes close to it. People like them for different reasons like the seamless integration with iTunes, downloading from iTMS, great interface and the cool design. It has the 'COOL FACTOR'
and it looks nice and fashionable. Although the fact that many celebrities endorse it and the Apple marketing campaign is very efficient but my reason for the love for the iPod is the cool design and the iTunes aspect.

It's gradually becoming a fashion icon, iPod coats have been made, cool looking dockstations and much much more.
This is the 45nano, One side of a cassette case is hollowed out to fit first- and second-generation iPod nanos, shielded by a clear plastic window that includes openings for access to the music player’s controls, headphone jack and charging dock. The rear still looks like an old tape.

Then there's the ulta cool retro ghetto blaster called the Lasonic i931
It packs an iPod into the body of an old school ghetto blaster, pounding out your tunes and flashing a few lights along the way. And that's about all we know right now. In fact, this isn't even a real picture, just the company's latest mock up.

Old school iPod boom box - made of cardboard

This is actually is a DIY sound system, made of flat-packed cardboard, but with fully working speakers, a dock for your iPod and power from the included batteries. Impressive

As you can see the iPod craze is spreading like wild fire and with all these new iPod compatible gadgets you're bound to get caught in the craze. May it be because it looks really trendy and so are the RETRO gadgets which are made to go with the iPod or because of the incredible technology it is, there is no gettin away from the ultra trendy iPod.

Thursday, 20 December 2007


After what seemed like hours of walking, something came to me, like a revalation. It came to me like a choclate muffin, delicious and mouthwatering. I decided to buy a camera and take pictures of all the inspirational fashion items/people i saw. From next week i will be posting all the pictures i take from people to objects. This should be interesting, it could be you who i take a picture of!

Also while on my trip shopping i picked up some nice items all at my local River Island. Yes, yes i know the boxers lol :P But i really liked them

Red Shoes

When everything else is monochrome colours all you need is Red Shoes, they stand out and really turn around an outfit.
Her on the Far right (sitting on sofa) is really hot^
As you can see they are really eye catching, i came across this when reading another blog and was realy intrigued and i think red shoes , may they be like plimsols, they have potential.

China Fashion

China is one of the worlds fast growing country's in technology and it seems they are also getting into eclectic kind of fashion.

" It may be too obvious a theme to use but in the case of China where modern age sits side by side by tradition, shoots set up this way are even more striking. The slowly eroded streets of old China that the new generation are spurning used in this way highlights their former beauty with the help of the vivid outfits. "

Take a look at this pictures from iLook magazine