Friday, 17 October 2008

Sorry people and YES i'm back

Sorry for the delay as i was busy developing my line and trying to get the right manufacturers amongst other things. Daily from now , i will be updating my blog for all the people who read out there. Thanks for bearing with me .


Saturday, 1 March 2008


Crazieessst thing i've seen for some time.
You're going to be either be 'woah' or 'wtf'
IT's a very innovative, out of the box idea. Who ever thought of this must have be really really troubled or talented lol
Too even construct something of this degree would take yonks.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


< These rock too
If Muhammed Ali was still boxing , i think he would rock these baby's.
PIERRE HARDY'S Look just Like the LANVINS.
I'm loving the yellow and white one's.
Get yourself a pair people, also check out the SUPRA NS, i think they only available in the US


The theater has a series of round arches, which house 600 five-watt dimmer-controlled light bulbs that provide a light for when you need to find the remote control. And as in the Music Hall, the lights are positioned to glow away from the viewers. Pentagram has designed the theater to function like a TV room, but can also easily accommodate up to ten people. All of the surfaces in the room are covered in orange felt to help with the acoustics, and seating on the floor has been taken care of by Edelman Leather who custom made the beanbags. This house, which also boasts a large private outdoor space looking onto the Atlantic Ocean, recently won an American Architecture Award for distinguished buildings and a Citation for Design in the AIA New York State Design Awards.

I love the colour and shape and basically the whole concept. Pentagram Architects have designed this home theater.

Noel Fielding - the mighty boosh

OK i think Noel Fielding is somewhat very fashionable. A comedian and maker and performer from the bbc 3 hit show Mighty Boosh (vince noir) , Noel is also a keen musician and admired by thousands of women.

Some follow him for his hair style, others for his vivid fashion sense. When asked in interviews he usually says he gets his clothes from topshop, however he accesorizes and carrys the clothes off very well.

People should also check out A shop in London called Beyond Retro is a GREAT place to go.. its all original vintage stuff, you can get some amazing (and not that expensive) stuff threre.

The thing about Noel is sometimes he looks outrageous but comic (part of his role) but his hair is envyed by many...and he is a goth/emo/alternative idol too many. People who don't like Russel Brand much, seem to like Noel, even though people find them very similar.

Just read this thread from people trying to copy their fashion sense
self explanitory, Noel rocks, random style, mad hair , unqiue, tottaly AWESOME

and read this

What do you think of him ?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Michael Jackson

Do you remember the 80's? If you were born, i presume most of you where born in mid 80's?
Well some say it was a highly important decade in the world of social revolution, with the eventual fall of Communism (Fidel Castro, has he stepped down ?)and the likes of Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher (one question, did the Queen really like her?Maggiieee:p) causing stirs on either side of the Atlantic.

Of course, we all know that the really important issues were the likes of getting hold of some tickets for the next Wham gig! The things that really stick in our minds are the fashion, the music and the movies! Movies like Top Gun and Flashdance were essential viewing; the hair styles were big, as were the shoulder pads, and the clothes were as loud and brash as Depeche Mode were cool!One such element of the 80's was Michael Jackson with his startling dance moves and leading fashion sense. I just wanted to know people's views on Jacko and also the 80's. I don't know how much people think he is a peadophile, i just want to know you views on the guy, becuase many use to look up to Jacko. A role model to many back in the day, but now shattered image due to stupid accusations/truth hmmmm

Friday, 15 February 2008


This question arises alot, is being fashionable mean you're gay ? :S
I've heard on numerous occasions, the word gay being used when seeing someone dressed differently or smarter.

Does that make some one gay?
Ok some people in the fashion industry maybe gay or very feminine, but too dress different and dress smartly does not make some one 'gay'

It's either jelousy, ignorant people or just plain stupidness.

Give me your uptake on this . Thanks


It's all about the future, yes that's what my lines going to focus on in collaboration with retro.
Just a sneak teaser for you their.

Talking about future, that's the latest trend. White shoes, white jeans, a black futuristic top, and we aint talking star wars haha. I'll post some pictures up later, damn blogger won't let me upload! :@ hehe

The Suburban Tipi

John Paananen - designer
pvc siding, polypropylene sheeting, engineered timber, polycarbonate supports - material

16 feet tall, 18 feet in diameter - dimensions

This reminds me of the hideouts and little tents i use to fork with my friends when i was a kid. I bought myself a tree house, but it's never going up unless i move houses, because i couldn't get permission to build it :(

I'd love to just go and chill out in my very own tree house, brings back memories of childhood and gives me time to myself.


Just got back from holiday in the states. Was lovely and had a great time and did alot of shopping, that explains me not posting much, sorry.
Well now i'm back but still not completely in work mode, more still in holiday mood.

Going to go get some shopping done for my nephews birthday, which is next week and i hope you all are ok. Can't wait to get to back to posting.

Monday, 4 February 2008


Ok this is my first post dedicated to a shop and a brand.
This weekend on my trip shopping, i thought i'd visit this shop that i hardly had n't gone to in time and to my delight i found some Q u a l i t y stuff. Since then i've been hooked.

Skinny jeans , t's, hoodies and even jackets! I thought i'd give the shop a shoutout.

Ladies and Gentlemen , the shop is no other than :
JACK AND JONES < check out the site, im loving it at the moment

Do you have one in the usa? and who else shops at it ?

ALERT! This month

Look out for button down polos, matching cardigans and v-neck jumpers, worn with more of a relaxed skinny jeans

Blason - Pharrel Louis Vuitton Line

Check out this video, im sure its the right one lol it's not quite coming up properly on mine.
I love the whole look and owls are really awesome.

Puma Bike

Ok as well as dressing good you got to look good, in whatever car/vehicle your in. As i am an anti global warming supporter, i prefer to ride a bike rather than drive if possible. And after seeing A crazy bike in the Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold
I was looking for a similar bik ever since, since i found this : the PUMA GLOW RIDER, the third edition of the PUMA bike.

The bike not only glows in the dark BUT also folds up so making the bike a perfect travel companion and allows commuters easy access in and out of public transport, cars or elevators. This unique element provides all the benefits of a folding bike, without compromising on style.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Night Tennis

Creative and Clever. This looks like crazy disco fun.
Sony Ericsson Night Tennis.
Just the picture below makes my mind racing, interpret that into clothes, it's just a very cool picture.


The Chanel Show, pictures speak for them selves:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

SOLAR ARK: World’s Most Stunning Solar Building

Sanyo has built an ark for the solar century – an impressive 630 kW solar-collecting building that boasts over 5,000 solar panels and kicks off over 500,000 kWh of energy per year. Even more outstanding is the fact that most of the monocrystalline modules used on the Solar Ark were factory rejects headed to the scrap pile. Located next to Sanyo's semiconductor factory in Gifu, Japan, the Solar Ark stands as one of the best examples of building integrated PV design to date.

LED Radiator by Aeon

The helix-shaped design looks more like a piece of art and is designed to be the focal point of your living room. Speira is constructed from 120 individual satin finish brushed stainless steel blades sited precisely at 90 degrees to the next and curving through 180 degrees from top to bottom over the full 2,400 mm height of the design. LED lights are housed in both the top and base of Speira to impart a subtle laser-like effect across each blade. The suave structure not just radiates warmth but will lighten-up your aesthetics, wonderfully.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

MacBook AIR

The Apple family brings to you a new member of it's family.
It's the Apple MacBook Air.
The Macbook Air is Apple's newest laptop which is super duper thin, probably the thinest laptops ever made. In addition it is super stylish.

Is that it?

NOPE, it has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (1.6 or 1.8Ghz), 2GB Ram standard, a SSD 64GB or standard 80GB Hard drive, a multitouch trackpad with gestures like pan, zoom, rotate, and also has a full back lit keyboard.!! woahhhh
For the thinnest laptop ever made, the price is amazingly only $1,799. Impressive.


You need one of these baby's.
wherever you want just place one and you're set to sleep. Plus they are soo trendy.
I'm thinking of getting of these to place in my room when i wnat to relax from all the work.

"Designed by Alberto Frias, the stylish Pod Bed comes equipped with a set of Anthony Gallo's four-inch Nucleus Micro speakers and a 240-watt MPS subwoofer. The Transport perceptual pod creates a sensual light, sound and space environment. The temperature-controlled waterbed surface also has the ability to perform a crazy LED light show. Moreover, the perceptual Pod can be integrated in with your iPod, computer or other source that will help you get a few hours of ultimate relaxation. "


I love my toys, japanese ones especially.
If it looks cool then i've got it. You name it !
Sounds a bit lame but i like my trendy toys and am very upto date with my gadgets.

Kidrobot will soon be releasing a new Dunny series. May it be for a decorative purpose to just something you have to have to collect, these are great. then go to store then ull c the fab stuffs
They will go on sale February 21st.

They look so cute and cool.


This is just sooo 'IWANTTHAT!!!! kind of thing. I love ittt! not so sure ont he skelton thingy but other than that im really digging it.
The bench and bookshelf combination is a concept from Latvia's Stanislav Katz.

Price is a bit steep but it is worth it.....if the skeleton wasnt there and it was just a bench to sit on it would be even better.

What do you guys think?

Retails Shops

I recieved another email about tips on impressing fashion retails shops.
And i thought someone perfect for that answer would be Knikki as she did work at Bebe, so if you could please give her some tips please.


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

How to look good when you're looking bad!

Have you ever had to rush somewhere and did not have the time to dress up or look good.
Well this thread is for you. Many a times have i been rushing around and have had no time to get ready. Sometimes when my hair's a mess and in causual clothes that you wear around the house.

The answer is beanie hat! and a nice cardigan.
As they say the little things makes a big difference, just by adding a beanie hat can change you whole look, or adding a jacket.

Keep your closet clean and tidy and resourceful in the urgent times so you can bang anything on and still look good.

And invest in the essentials rather than focusing on the brands.

Another top tip is to match t'z with jeans, fast and easy and very cheap way of looking good.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Job Interviews

Ok, i was emailed with a question about job interviews, even though i do not specify in that field as it's a fashion blog but if you come to think about it your appearance is important in a job interview.

"Why are you looking for another job?
When answering this question:
Keep your answer brief - don't go into a lot of detail (the briefer the response-the more convincing the answer)
Do not knock your last employer, at this stage or any other.

"What sort of job are you looking for?"
Every interviewer hopes that the next candidate to walk through that door will be the answer to his search. So many candidates sabotage their own chances by answering the above question from their own point of view rather than from that of the company's/interviewer's. The company is only interested in how you can satisfy its needs and match its job requirements, your needs are secondary importance.
The best way to answer this question is to follow on from the "Tell me about yourself" answer and transfer those abilities into discussing the job in question and the contribution you can make to it

“What is your greatest weakness?”
Look at your list of weaknesses and relate the weakness (excess) back to your strengths 'I like to get things done quickly.... sometimes I get impatient but I'm learning how to overcome this.' Don’t think you can get away with announcing proudly that you have no weaknesses, the interviewer will not be impressed. And don’t declare that you’re greatest weakness is that you like to work too hard. The interviewer has heard them all before and won’t take you seriously.

“What do you not like to do?”
A very loaded question. Under no circumstances list tasks and responsibilities that you dislike, you’ll rule yourself out of the running at record speed. A positive reply might be; ‘I'm the kind of person who does whatever is necessary to get the job done. When I do run into something disagreeable, I try to do it first and get it behind me. I have no particular dislikes’.


Dress to Impress, the first impression has to be a impressive one. Always opt for a shirt and tie nothing less. How you're dressed can also determine the outcome of the interview and remember not to forget your manners (handshake, hello etc)

I will be posting clothess you could wear for the interview in my next post tommorow! So keep a look out for that.

HOPE THIS HELPS! and good luck with the interview


Ok so i was sat at work bored out of my eyes....then a thought came to me!
I want to do a side business with someone, anything ! i am approachable to any suggestions
just leave me a comment if you want me to join you.

I really am bored :

OMG the first luxury hotel in the sky?!?
The world is fast advancing and you have got to be with the timess lol
People this is Manned Cloud, the latest from French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, aims to be the world's first luxury hotel in the sky.

The double-decker carrier can travel 5,000 consecutive km, and is able to accommodate 40 guests (and 15 staff members) in its 1,100 sq. meter space. The flying hotel includes a restaurant and bar, lounge, library, fitness center, 20 rooms and terrace.

Toaster ?!?!

This looks like my Modem or something Apple would make.
It's actually the Swarovski Limited Edition Crystal Toaster

This is from the website:
"Covered with more than 200 dazzling Swarovski crystals, this kitchen gadget is designed by Russell Hobbs. So kick start your day with warm and crunchy toasts popping up from this bejewled toaster. Grab it before it vanishes off from Neiman Marcus as only 500 if it is made. $300 isn't much for a blinged breakfast time. "

Friday, 11 January 2008

Dual Music Player That Plays Your MP3 Collection & Your CDs

You want to enjoy your audio CDs while traveling but you also have a huge MP3 collection at home that you want to take with you.
The ideal solution ? Yes the answer is......... DMP, a portable music player that supports CD and MP3 files.

Can be used as a mp3 and AS a cd player, whatever you choose, you are getting to for the price of ONE!

You can always dream..
I see it in a room with white walls, concrete floors, or maybe black bamboo floors.. some bright blue, simple but comfortable, couches.. big windows with a green forest in view..

Yes i love this table, i want one! anyone reading who wants to buy me it , feel free to do so :) lol
I just love the design and would look excellent in a nice designed room, geared more towards the modern and design assertive people.

This table is deigned by Cecilaia Lungen from Kalmar, Sweden


Ok so i was a fan of the Jacob and Co's , the Casio Bape's < i broke mine :( going to get another one soon hopefully, but when i came across the Phillippe Starck watches i was IMPRESSED.
I want one but the price is..woah! nice sleek design and very futuristic. For more information on these just do a google search on Philppe Starck Watches.

One things for sure though there are a number of 'designer' watches on the market, but Starck produces timepieces that stand out from the crowd and are just eye catching.

Monday, 7 January 2008


Siezze Clothing will commence selling T's designed by our very own designers and will available for sale at our website. By request we will also do 'UNIQUE' pieces, just for you! For more information just leave a comment

When buying if you quote 'envisage' you will recieve a 10% discount on all items!

The website will soon be up and any other questions or views please feel to comment!
OR suggest any IDEAS!



Simone Grünwald

Born in Bavaria in a small quiet village, after school had to see something else, so she went to Florence, Italy to study fashion and she fell in love with the italian language.

After one year she went back to Germany to Hamburg, and there studied in that harbor city for 2 years until she got bored and went to Antwerp do one year in the academy there.

Her graduation collection is called "my private hero" is full of heroic fashion elements. She likes to create fashion between elegant and casual. Good quality and beautiful fabrics is very important. Simone says "fashion should be precious - full of hidden secrets and be in somebodys wardrobe for a reason". So she wants to evoke this precious feeling about clothes in somebodys mind. The colourful outfits are inspired by the movie "the sting".

Some of her designs below: i like the shoes ! i need a pair damn!

I love this!

Browsing through the oki-ni store products I found this heavyweight woollen knit cardigan by Martin Margiela. . With a great checkerboard textured pattern in navy color and a large shawl neckline which is double layered you can feel very warm and stylish at the same time. The centre front features four chunky buttons and the cardigan is finished with a 1 x 1 rib on the cuffs and at the hem.After that gorgeous cardigan I wanted to check the scarves category and I had a crush on this Drakes vintage fairisle scarf. Just awesome, produced in the UK from the finest lambswool. Bring's back memories of the 80's when children at school used to wear pullovers with patterns like this. This colourway of beige, navy, red and sky blue pattern is also a recall of retro arcade classics!


Your clothes have everything to do with whether or not you get your foot in the door on a date or whether you get job—and that's the first step in getting other parts of you in other places. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Forget the £500 shirts and £800 watches that men's magazine's offer as fashion tips. Build a flexible—affordable—foundation of casual clothing options. This is is the best thing as it will help keem you looking good but with out spending extravagant amounts!

Youthful Appearace

After recieving many emails on wrinkles i thought i would dedicate this post to those who emailed. I did not know much about the effect of wrinkles but came across this quite helpful article. ( Full article BELOW

"There are different things that actually cause wrinkles and it is important that you know what many of those things are so that you could possibly help in preventing or reducing any wrinkles that you might have or could have in the near future.

This article is written in hopes that you all can learn some more about what the leading causes of early wrinkles are, as well as how you can treat them and possibly even get rid of them for good! We all have high hopes that our gene pool is awesome and that as we grow older we remain just about as youthful looking each and every year that passes but unfortunately it does not always work out that way. Do not get too disappointed about it though because you do have many available options as to treating your wrinkles and protecting your skin and keeping that youthful look that you cherish so much.

Maintaining your youthful appearance while also reducing the onset of wrinkles is not an easy task but it is truly possible, with the correct information and the right types of treatment and protection, so pay close attention throughout this article, you might be surprised by what you will learn. By using sunscreen on a daily basis you are protecting your skin in such a way that you will definitely reduce your chances of getting wrinkles early on in life and if you are a little older and use sunscreen on a daily basis you can actually improve the looks of your skin and prevent any further damage from occurring, including those wrinkles that you despise so very much. That is really very simple right, so why are so many people neglecting their skin? People, both men and women really do need to understand that they are not going to look gorgeous their entire lives without putting in a little bit of effort each and every day that passes. It is also not just about being gorgeous, it is about living a much happier life because you will see the results once you get on a regular routine of taking care of your skin and you will also see a decrease in wrinkles, you might even see that some of the ones you had last week have diminished.

The air that we breathe in every single second of the day is a large reason as to why so many of us have such a problem with early wrinkles also, in case you were not already aware of that. Pollution is such an enormous problem and it actually does deplete the amount of Vitamin E in our skin, which causes more wrinkles because of less moisture. As I mentioned, there are so many reasons why we get wrinkles and there are many things that we can all do about it, so instead of sitting around griping about it, do something, today and you will be amazed at awsome the resuilts taht follow. "

Saturday, 5 January 2008

You may not like may like him
It's Pete Doherty people

Face of Gio-Goi
The bad boy rocker, i don't know whether to love his style or hate it. Sometimes he dresses good, sometimes he doesn't. You can't quite define his style as it varys too much and is very rough at times.
What do you think of him?

Take Care of Your Hair

People complain that such a problem is wrong with their hair but that's only the case when you don't know how to take care of it. Shampoo, condition etc
Stuff like this really helps your hair, using the right shampoo for you or having a certain haircut which goes well with you face.

You can learn about face shapes and hair by doing a quick search engine search, also be careful as to what gel you use, take time and read what it says on the tube instead of just commiting the same mistakes everytime.

A friend of mine started having hairloss due to a certain gel he used which was really bad for him, but after stopping it's usage it has helped. When you go for a haircut don't just tell the hairdresser what to do , talk with him get to know hi, discuss things , ask for tips
Having a good relationship with a hairdresser is really good.

Rene Lacoste 1963 trainers

The Rene Lacoste trainers from the sixties.
These are based on the original 1963 model, with a canvas upper, cushion lining and rubber sole. And there's two colour combinations - the navy featured here and a natural (cream) version.
You can pick them up from Stuarts of London, priced at £49.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Music Inspiration

Kanye West says:"Stronger is also a fashion statement. Its for people like us, who dress fresh and like fly shit. And if you dont like the song, than more than likely you don't know how to dress either."
I think that Kanye was very fashion forward and a lot of people are uncomfortable with being different. Many people weren't fans of his Jeremy Scott aviator glasses.

However i don't mind The shutter shades they are very modern.

The shades are very expensive and will be a part of Kanye's new line called: "Pastelle". I think he has great style. I can't wait till he releases it although it was scheduled for November but maybe due to commitments and his mother's unfortuante death it has been delayed.

What do you think about how the music world is inspiring the fashion world?


Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid created the Gold Pill. Which is a pill dipped in gold and filled with a 24-karat gold leaf.

It claims to make your poop sparkle. For those who like to see their poop sparkle, this is the perfect thing for you :P i don't really think we see our poop and admire haha
The fashion industry has made many bold leaps and bounds..but I don't think I support this one. Astonishingly people are paying $425.00 a tablet just so their sh*t will sparkle.I am thoroughly disgusted and not surprised at celebrities that are vain enough to make their poop twinkle...

This is a fashion accessory that I can live without..But if for some bizzare reason you would like to purchase this you can visit or click here

I didn't think you would :P

Sorry..and Hey!

Sorry people about not posting latelty, i was away on a short vacation at a relatives.

Well one of the readers emailed me to let me know of a desinger line for KIDS. I had a look and was quite amazed at the clothes.
PammyJ Fashions For Little Girls is Boutique clothing for less with Trendy & Fun Styles in sizes 2T-6X.

I dedicated this post to PammyJKids as a request from a reader..hope you like it :) <>

Let me know what you think, i think it is unique and very cute and beautifully tailored.
The video below :