Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Noel Fielding - the mighty boosh

OK i think Noel Fielding is somewhat very fashionable. A comedian and maker and performer from the bbc 3 hit show Mighty Boosh (vince noir) , Noel is also a keen musician and admired by thousands of women.

Some follow him for his hair style, others for his vivid fashion sense. When asked in interviews he usually says he gets his clothes from topshop, however he accesorizes and carrys the clothes off very well.

People should also check out A shop in London called Beyond Retro is a GREAT place to go.. its all original vintage stuff, you can get some amazing (and not that expensive) stuff threre.

The thing about Noel is sometimes he looks outrageous but comic (part of his role) but his hair is envyed by many...and he is a goth/emo/alternative idol too many. People who don't like Russel Brand much, seem to like Noel, even though people find them very similar.

Just read this thread from people trying to copy their fashion sense
self explanitory, Noel rocks, random style, mad hair , unqiue, tottaly AWESOME

and read this

What do you think of him ?


Knikki said...

What's up with the purse?

Anonymous said...

who cares:), he's fit (L)

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. . . you have to see him perform, I think. Sure, the hair, the looks, the fashion. . .the sense of humor and the way he carries himself on the show!

emily said...

sigh indeed! majorly. i could not love noel fielding more,
i would sell my very world to meet him. it, HE, drives me crazy.

compellingly amazing, fashion, hair, comedy, everything. (L)!!!!!!

Emily said...

Hes gorgeous :) love him to bits =]

Anonymous said...

i went to see the boosh live not long ago an noel was bein the hitcher jumped into the audience an stopped at people with costumes i was dressed up so he stopped at me an kissed my cheek

Meg said...

i love him so much! my boyfriend introduced me 2 the mighty boosh and i cant get enough of it, its freakn hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit it too I love Noel from the bottom of my heart and I'm 15 I love the show and Noel!

Anonymous said...


I love him too much!

I was walking around Camden yesterday just hoping I would catch a glimpse of him, but no...
I did see Alex Zane and Agyness Deyn though, which was cool...

Anonymous said...

Omg I love him more than anything in the universal area! I love him I love him! I can't get enough of the mighty boosh and 4 those of u that have n't checkd him out in SWEET I've gta c it! It's the wierdest but funniest thing EVA plus it has some naughty bits in there 2,sigh....... Aww I love him shame he's got a girlfriend though (not gd enuf 4 him) love him he cud replace all my mates and I'd happy except 1 by loves him 2! I wudn't b suprised if his face was carved by angels! :D. Xox mrs Noel fielding! Xxxx

totes eh... said...

i hate twilight like balls

CJS said...

it's not a purse silly, it's a manbag!

i think he's totally killing it!
i just saw the mighty boosch for the first time today and i was laughing forevers. totz!

Kenaya Renee said...

OMEE gosh I just saw the Mighty Boosh by complete accident like 2 days ago....I like totally fell in love with Noel (he's a monkey genius) LOLz!!! I am only 17 and he's like 36............OUCH :-(

Oh and there is just something about that other feilding guy too....he talks so cute!!!!

Kaia said...

Love noel's style! doing a post on his style on my blog now. check it out :) www.pastelfeathers.wordpress.com

Anonymous said...

yeah his sooo cute and a marvelous actor. i love himz and i love his character Vince

Paloma said...

He's really sexxxyy >.O

Daisy said...

GOD HE'S GORGEOUS :D i found out today he's 38 :O he is fit for almost 40 i thought he was only just 30!! i'm 15 so thats 23 years difference...who cares i wouldn't complain :D xxx